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Microsoft, Epic, and Activision Announce The Uninspired AAA Bundle For XBox 360
Top publishers offer gamers a hard to resist deal.
By Polly S Hate | April 1, 2012

Bundles of indie games are pretty commonplace these days. You're all already no doubt familiar with The Humble Indie Bundle and Indie Royale's previous offerings, and they just keep sprouting up! In fact, it's hard to go through one 24-hour news cycle without hearing about another new amazing bundle games at a hard-to-beat price every six hours. Trust me, our wallets are suffering just as much as yours by now.

Larger publishers have seen the success such bundles have enjoyed, and decided that they too wanted in on the good-will giving and game giving.

Gamers will be able to open their wallets and feel good about themselves next week as three of the leading publishers in the industry have come together to offer some of their top titles on XBox 360 for a bargain that will be hard to resist.

Microsoft will be offering up Halo Reach, the latest in their blockbuster sci-fi series of shooters. Epic Games is chipping in and lending Gears of War 3 to the party. And finally, Activision will be practically giving away last year's best-selling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Like their more recent Indie Bundle predecessors, there will be a minimum buy-in price for the trio of games, but gamers are free and encouraged to pay over the price for special incentives.

The starting price for The Uninspired AAA Bundle will be $150.00. Paying $10 over that amount will get players Online Passes for all three games, and paying $25 over the starting price will net customers the Online Passes as well as a special "Thank You" email from all three publishers, with an electronic signature from each CEO involved.

This is an unprecedented move for larger publishers, who eagerly want to close the gap between themselves and indie developers. Proceeds from the limited-time offer will be split evenly between all three development studios.

"This is an amazing opportunity for gamers as well as publishers," said Activion's Bobby Kotick. "Gamers are getting three stellar products at an unbelievable bargain, and they also get to feel good about themselves for helping us continue to make the same games we always have."

More information on The Uninspired AAA Bundle will be available next week shortly before it officially goes on sale.

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