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Popular Japanese Shooter Series Touhou Project Lands on XBLA This Summer
A hail of little bullets and little girls want to invade your XBox 360!
By Polly S Hate | April 2, 2012

"We're pretty sure those aren't Skittles."

Bullet Hell shooters, (or shmups if you feel so inclined...we don't) have managed to find themselves a bit of a new home on download services such as XBox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Steam in the last few years. These digital-only platforms have led to great success with companies such as Treasure and Cave re-releasing long sought after titles such as Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, and Guwange.

Shoot 'em up fans have more reason to rejoice today, as publisher XSeed announced that it would be bringing the formerly PC-only doujin soft series Touhou Project (which features an entirely female cast of characters) to XBox Live Arcade this summer with a few new bells and whistles sure to please longtime fans.

Their first release, titled Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil, will hit XBLA sometime this summer and feature a new high definition graphical makeover, a completely remastered soundtrack, and Leaderboard features commonly seen in other Live and XBox Live Arcade titles. We've been told that fans should expect to see a release of Perfect Cherry Blossom (the second game released on the Windows platform) "sometime this winter," which could mean late this year or sometime in early 2013.

This news will no doubt delight shooter fans in the west, as the Touhou Project series has amassed quite a following outside of its native Japan, with many hardcore shmup fans declaring them the best games that the genre has seen.

Until then, fans of little girls throwing bullets at each other can keep themselves busy with similar shoot 'em ups such as Deathsmiles, Otomedius Excellent, and Trouble Witches Neo.

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