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BioWare Wants Another Shot At Mass Effect
Fans Want To Retake Mass Effect, BioWare Wants To "Rebuild" It.
By Polly S Hate | April 3, 2012

"Will the real John Shepard please stand up?"

Hot on the heels of the controversy surrounding Mass Effect 3's ending, and their plans to somehow salvage it in the future, BioWare again shocked fans of the popular sci-fi series today with their announcement to completely revisit the trilogy and correct many of the mistakes that fans feel they made along the way.

"Fan input, criticism, and feedback are very important to us," co-founder of BioWare, Ray Muzyka said in a short press release. "We're not superhuman, and we all make mistakes. Just like the often flawed characters in our games, there's a time to reflect and then set things right with the fans."

"We realized that not long after the release of the first game that we were probably overloading the player with too many choices," said Casey Hudson, who has worked as a writer on all three Mass Effect games. "Realistically, who wants to be put in charge and told that the fate of the world is in their hands? That's a pretty hefty thing to throw at gamers, I think. This Rebuild of Mass Effect and the Mass Effect universe will give us a chance to take that burden off of the player and let them focus more on just playing the game. In past games, we've tried to nudge the player along the right path, but it seems that all these choices just confused them and they didn't end up receiving the optimal Mass Effect experience."

Even more surprising was the revelation that Jennifer Hale would not be reprising her role as the beloved 'FemShep' in the rebuild version of Mass Effect's story.

"We love FemShep as much as gamers do, but our ideal Shepard, as well as many others out there, is a guy. We're going with "The One True Shepard" many gamers have grown attached to over the last five or so years," said Hudson. "Again, we're just helping the player along by getting rid of all those frustrating choices."

Players can expect many gameplay tweaks and such with the new Mass Effect trilogy as well.

"We fully understand some of the problems that players have with Mass Effect, especially the first game, and we're taking steps to make sure that gameplay will be put together as well, if not better than Mass Effect 3," Jesse Houston, who has headed up the series' previous two offerings, added. "There's going to be a singular focus on the Soldier class, which will make the games really easy to pick up and play, and from a design standpoint it makes our job easier too."

BioWare's statement continued, seeming very optimistic about the future of their now flagship series.

"Revisiting these games with what we know now is great! We can finally fix the inventory problems that people had with the first game for example, and it gives us an opportunity to give players the things they wanted in the first two games, like competitive multiplayer."

BioWare had no statement at press time about a pending release date, but did state that all three games would be released one year apart from one another.

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