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Enhance Your Giant Bpwn By Going Premium!
Unlike high school, you can buy your way into the Cool Kids Club here!
By Bpwner | April 1, 2012

Hey, Giant Bpwn fans. Bpwner here.

You know what's easy? Opening your wallet.

You know what's hard? Running a future online entertainment conglomerate that will be sold to a larger entertainment conglomerate once it gets a bit too big for its britches. This is where you come in, loyal Giant Bpwn fans. We need your help to get a bit too big for our britches.

Now hold on a minute, I can sense that mouse cursor eeking its way up the screen toward the close button, and I wanna stop you right there.

Did you know that running websites is tough work? Of course you don't, you're just reading it. That's the easy part! So, this is the part where you do that other easy thing I mentioned earlier and open your wallet!

It's time...To GO PREMIUM!

"But Bpwner, you handsome devil, what is this 'Going Premium' thing? What's in it for me?"

Well, loyal Giant Bpwn reader, for the criminally low price of just for a year's worth of access, you'll reap amazing benefits being a Giant Bpwn Premium Member.

  • Access to exclusive members-only video content and live streams from the office.
  • You'll be able to download every week's Giant Bpwncast one hour earlier than those dirty normal users.
  • A Giant Bpwn staff member will respond positively to one of your forum posts once a week.
  • Guarantee yourself a spot on our Steam, XBox Live, and PSN friends lists for Thursday Night Throwdown.
  • We'll consider you for internship.
  • Bpwner will follow you on Twitter.
  • If you see us at E3 we'll say "hi" to you!
  • and even more!

We're adding more and more features for Premium Users by the trucload in the coming months, so by signing up now you're ensuring yourself a ticket to the craziest ride on the internet train.

So, click that little "GO PREMIUM" button down there and make your Giant Bpwn way more gianter than everybody else's.

Or don't. Whatever.

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