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Japan To Release Another Creepy Game Featuring Underage Girls
What is it? Who cares, honestly.
By Rhete | April 4, 2012

"They just aren't trying anymore."

In a move surprising absolutely no one, Japan is once again set to release yet another game featuring a large cast of scantily clad anime girls between the ages of 10 and 15. The game planned to include lots of animated cutscenes of breasts bouncing around, voice acting with lots of moaning, and static character art that just sits on screen during voiced dialogue. As for the gameplay, we don't really care.

A promotional website for the game revealed some more details about the staff and characters. The animation is directed by some guy who has only worked on a few low budget hentai films, with character designs by that one guy whos faces all look exactly the same. The script is penned by none other than the guy who wrote those tentacle rape comics you wish you could get out of your head.

As for the characters, a brief bio page introduced the main cast, including the energetic but naive main character, the tsundere, the older girl who wears glasses, the airhead with pink hair, and the obligatory loli who never talks but is actually the most mature member of the group. Although not specifically mentioned on the page, each character is sure to have some horribly traumatizing and convoluted back story revealed later on. There also appears to be an 8 year old boy in the cast, for no known reason at all. Additional DLC characters and costumes were teased, but not revealed.

On the gameplay side, the game seems to be a mixture of JRPG, Shmup, Visual Novel, and Eroge, in an attempt to make a game completely unsellable to a western audience. "We want to make something that combines the emotional depth of Clannad with the intense action of DoDonPachi" said one staff member to Giant Bpwn while we were pretending to pay attention. The average play length of the game is around 300 hours, but we are told there are also 16 endings as well as additional post game content.

The game is set to come out on Christmas in Japan, and sometime in 2014 for other territories. The American release is planned to have a limited run of about 500 copies, which will sell out instantly then be sold on eBay for about $400 dollars each. A special edition will also be available, containing a mouse pad with boobs on it, a hug pillow, the game's soundtrack on CD, a full-body wall scroll, a 1/8 scale figurine, a cloth map, a dvd containing a 15 minute OVA, a 200 page full-color art book, and a white t-shirt with the games logo on it. The special edition will cost about $32,000.

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