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Guild Wars 2 Creators To Fans: Keep Your Expectations Reasonable, Please!
ArenaNet feels hype for their upcoming game is getting a bit out of hand
By Rhete | April 5, 2012

"Guild Wars 2 is coming out this year, and promises to be the best game ever made."

In this months Guild Wars 2 newsletter, ArenaNet made some surprising comments, asking fans to "dial it down a bit" in regards to hype for the upcoming game.

"Greetings, devoted followers of Guild Wars 2. April has arrived! As always at ArenaNet, we believe in total transparency and being completely honest with our fanbase, so we're not going to mince any words here: Chill out, you're starting to freak us out a bit. While we love and appreciate the years of support and blind devotion, we have to admit you may be setting yourself up for a huge disappointment.

We announced Guild Wars 2 in March of 2007. Five years ago! And while we had a lot of fun at first showing off gorgeous concept art and saying all the right things about what you'd want to see in an MMO, let's be honest, with you guys hyping the game to be some huge grand MMO revolution for five years, there's no way it can actually live up to those expectations. We just ask everyone to dial it down a bit, keep your expectations reasonable, and hopefully you won't be as disappointed when the game actually comes out. We don't want another "The Old Republic" here.

Last month we opened up beta sign-ups hoping to get maybe a few hundred people and show them the rough, unfinished game, which quite frankly isn't very good right now. Instead, we got well over a million sign-ups. Just that alone crashed our servers! We were like "Oh crap, people actually think this game is going to be good, don't they? They do realize it's an MMO, right?".

Quite frankly, we're scared to open the pre-orders for the game now. We were hoping for a small, quiet launch for Guild Wars 2. Patch some immediate issues, get the servers stabilized, then slowly grow the game via word of mouth over the next few months. Now? Well, here's a list of some realistic expectations you can have for the game:

  • Servers will be constantly crashing for the first week.
  • Starting areas will be unplayably crowded.
  • Long players queues for the first month.
  • Dynamic events will be straight up broken.
  • Players will eventually figure out there is a best healer, tank, and damage dealer.
  • The cash shop will have a ton of stuff in it that we swore wouldn't be.
  • World PVP will be extremely laggy and may never be fixed.

    If things go better than this, you'll be less disappointed with the soul-crushing realization that Guild Wars 2 failed to live up to 90% of the hype."

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