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[BREAKING] Capcom Announcing Return of a "LEGEND" This Week
Let the speculation begin, but we know what our money's on.
By Polly S Hate | April 2, 2012

Alright Capcom, you've done it. Our hopes are up!

Capcom has just updated their website. Normally, this isn't something that would be newsworthy, but this is much different, and something we're sure many readers are going to be excited about.

There's no information in the site update, which only features a countdown timer ending at midnight on Friday, a somewhat vague silhouette, and the ominous text, "The Legend Returns."

We can only speculate at the moment what this means, but many of us around the office are already putting our bets down and getting pretty excited.

Capcom issued a brief statement to us as soon as we saw the update, saying only that "Fans are going to be extremely happy with this news."

We certainly hope so. Capcom could really use some good will with fans as of late.

We'll be there to bring you the lowdown as it happens Friday night.

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