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Activision Ends Call Of Duty Franchise
Gaming's premiere franchise throws in the towel.
By Rhete | April 4, 2012

"Goodnight, sweet prince."

Gamers were shocked last week when Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward suddenly left the company. This morning Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, issued a press release, detailing the future, or lack thereof, for the Call of Duty franchise.

"We've decided to call it quits on the Call of Duty franchise. We've been thinking about it all week, and we decided it just wouldn't be the same without ol' Robert. As we've always said at Activision, you've got to put integrity over money. Trying to make another game in the series without him would just feel creatively bankrupt, and lack the artistic vision of the previous titles. Even if we wanted to make another game, you can't just hire someone else and expect the same results, you know?"

He then went on to explain that this decision has been a long time coming.

"Even without Robert's departure though, just how long were we going to keep making these things anyways? With the Modern Warfare trilogy having wrapped up last year, it's probably better to end on a high note, before running the series into the ground with endless sequels. We hope our small but loyal fanbase has enjoyed the Call of Duty series, and will enjoy whatever new IP we come up with next"

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