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Indie Platformer "SIP" All Dried Up
Production on promising stylized indie platformer has been stopped.
By Polly S Hate | April 3, 2012

We can now only stare wistfully and dream of what could have been...

Two days ago, Giant Bpwn brought you an exclusive look at the stylized indie platformer, SIP, which was being developed solely by indie hopeful Hudson Ferdinand. Hudson received quite a bit of positive feedback via Twitter and Facebook about his creation and reportedly drew the interest of a top-notch publisher or two.

In a surprising move this morning, Hudson publicly canceled the project via a statement on his personal LiveJournal.:

[UPDATE]: Since this story's posting, Mr. Ferdinand has deleted the posting and all entries about SIP from his LiveJournal. Below is his statement, screencapped by Giant Bpwn user Dr. Deezee. Thanks, Deezee.

it is with a heavy heart today that i announce that work on my big debut indie game "SIP" has been canceled indefinitely.
the reasons for this are quite obvious.
when i took SIP to gdc and only showed it in a dark room on one pc it was for a very specific reason: to provide INDIVIDUALS with a singular experience unique to them. i wanted one person at a time to experience the emotional rollercoaster and thought provoking and deeply profound concepts i had put so much hard work into creating.
it is now out of my control, and i have watched my grand idea, MY ART, die like a slain lover in my arms.
many websites picked up on SIP and i hear it was even trending on twitter at one point (i wouldnt know, i dont use twitter.)
this is unacceptable for my games overall vision. the uniqueness and singularity of the experience has been raped in the back of a cheap trans-am thanks to gaming media.
everybody knows what SIP is now, and so SIP is no longer something i can be a part of. if this experience cant be mine and only mine then it is not worth my time.
so fuck you internet. youve taken from me something very special and irreplaceable.
go back like the fucking sheep you are to covering your pointless mario and call of duty tripe.
true visionaries are alwasy silenced.

Calls, emails, and tweets to Hudson Ferdinand for clarification on the situation have gone unanswered.

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