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Not So Exciting News From Your Friends At Giant Bpwn

It's not all bad news... Ok, actually, a lot of it is bad news.

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Sega To Return To Console Manufacturing
System tentatively known as "re_@L".

Review: Halo 4
Halo once again redefines the console FPS.

Capcom's Big Secret Finally Unveiled!
And it's everything gamers hoped for.

Guild Wars 2 Creators To Fans: Keep Your Expectations Reasonable, Please!
ArenaNet feels hype for their upcoming game is getting a bit out of hand.

Quick Look: Phantasy Star Online 2
Rhete takes an in-depth look at the features of Sega's PSO 2.

Japan To Release Another Creepy Game Featuring Underage Girls
What is it? Who cares, honestly.

Activision Ends Call Of Duty Franchise
Gaming's premiere franchise throws in the towel.

Touhou Time: 04/03/2012
Rhete discusses easy mode, hard bosses, being a little girl, and MORE in this debut episode!

When Games Journalism Isn't A Game Anymore
A public apology from your friends at Giant Bpwn.

Indie Platformer "SIP" All Dried Up
Production on promising stylized indie platformer has been stopped.

BioWare Wants Another Shot At Mass Effect
Fans Want To Retake Mass Effect, BioWare Wants To "Rebuild" It.

Giant Bpwn Owner Caught In Sex Scandal
A night of celebration has sobering consequences.

The Fantasies Aren't Final, But They Ain't Here Either
Esteemed Final Fantasy Article Writer Moves On.

Premium Membership Issues
Now we know how every single MMO launch really feels.

Quick Look: Contra Force
Hello? Konami? Yeah, it's Bpwner. I got a bpwn to pick with you...

Capcom Announcing Return of a "LEGEND" This Week
Let the speculation begin, but we know what our money's on.

I love Sundays: 04/01/2012
Exciting things to look forward to this week on Giant Bpwn!

Introducing the Uninspired AAA Bundle
Top publishers offer gamers a hard to resist deal.

Sega Posts New Phantasy Star Online 2 Details
Game coming to additional platforms, still totally free-to-play.

Touhou Project Lands on XBLA
XSeed to release first game this summer.

Ninja Mono Sequel Announced.
Game is apparently called "AudioSurf Air".

Giant Bpwn Intern Pizza Extravaganza Part 1
We kinda forgot that the interns needed food.

Premium: Giant Bpwn Intern Pizza Extravaganza Part 2
You'll have to pay up to see how it all ends!

Review: Mass Effect 3
A riveting experience that will leave you gasping for breath the entire time.

Nintendo To GameStop: "GOTCHA!"
This time, Nintendo fans have a reason to be angry.

Review: Batman: Arkham City
If it wasn't a Batman game it wouldn't be the best game ever, but it is a Batman game, so it is the best game ever.

Indie Platformer "SIP" Quenches Game Developemt Thirsts At GDC
Let us tell you about the indie platformer the industry isn't talking about.

Quick Look: Jill of the Jungle
A future gaming icon is set to take her place alongside greats like Pac-Man and Mario. Witness the birth here.

Giant Bpwncast - Katawa Shoujo Spoilercast
You meet her, you fall in love, you fuck her. Just like real life.

Review: Aliens: Infestation
The guys who made Contra 4 take on the franchise that inspired everything, what could go wrong?

Review: Blade Kitten
Bpwner likes his catgirls with a little spunk in them!

Endurance Run: Secret of Mana - Part 31
Our journey comes to an end...but at what cost? At what cost...

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